To the the Israeli Government Water and Sewage Authority (until 2007 the Water Commission), 1992- present. Projects include:

  • Steering Committee for the 2012 Water Master Plan.
  • Optimal annual operation of the National Water System, 2014-.
  • Optimal operation and capacity expansion of the Kinneret Watershed water systems, 2014-.
  • Chair of the Steering Committee for Monitoring of Lake Kinneret and its Watershed 1998-present.
  • Negotiations with Jordan leading to the 1994 water agreement in the Jordan-Israel Peace Treaty.
  • Member of the Israeli-Jordanian Joint Water Committee 1994-1996.
  • Negotiations with the Palestinians leading to the September 1995 Interim Agreement on water.
  • Member of the Israeli-Palestinian Joint Water Committee, 1995-1996.
  • Ongoing systems analysis methods and models for planning and operation of the national and regional water systems – multi-objective, under conditions of uncertainty, 1992-.

To Mekorot Water Co. – 1968 to 1992: Consultant to Company Management, and responsible for the work of several researchers and engineers in the fields of water resources systems analysis and computer applications. Areas included:

  • Optimal annual operation of the National System.
  • Network solvers and simulators.
  • Regional master plans for water supply and distribution.
  • Strategic planning for corporate strategy.
  • Data collection and management for the Jordan District.
  • On-line control systems.
  • Maintenance policies.
  • Expert System to aid operators of water supply systems.

To Charles Howard and Associates Ltd., Victoria, B.C., Canada, 1975-2000. Projects included:

  • Modeling of an aquifer, as part of the water resources system of Seattle, Washington.
  • Optimal scheduling of pipe replacement, Calgary, Alberta.
  • Improvements in the network solver used by the City of Calgary, Alberta.
  • Storm water management policies.
  • The James Bay Power Project, for the Naskapi Band, Shafferville, Quebec.
  • Lands and lakes management model implementation for the Inlands Water Directorate, Environment Canada.
  • Optimal operation of a hydro system, for British Columbia Hydro.
  • Hydrology and operation of a hydroelectric system, for the Nova Scotia Power Corporation.
  • Comparison of theory and statistical analytical methods and simulation for management of urban storm water for the U.S. EPA.
  • Modeling for management of the water resources in the South Saskatchewan River Basin, for Alberta Environment.
  • Management of pollution resulting from accidental spills of hydrocarbons, in groundwater.
  • Water supply studies for the City of Tacoma, Washington.
  • A study of the proposed increase in irrigated area, second phase Columbia River Project, in the State of Washington.
  • Assessment of the plan for delivery of water by the Lesotho Highlands Development Authority to The Republic of South Africa, for the World Bank and UNDP.
  • Water Shortage Response Plan, Greater Vancouver Water District.
  • Optimal operation of the John Hart Hydropower system, B.C. Hydro.
  • Yellow River Development and Management Plan, for the Yellow River Conservancy Commission, via the World Bank, under contract to Water Resources Management, Inc., Columbia, Maryland.
  • Operation of Alcoa’s Yadkin River power system, in North Carolina, with HDR Engineering, Inc., Bellevue, Washington.
  • Seattle-Tacoma Intertie study.
  • Technical Manual for Hydropower Operations.
  • East Bay Municipal Utilities District – water resources and operations study.

To Camp, Dresser & McKee, Inc., Boston, on a study of Boston’s water distribution system, 1984 1985.
To the Rijksinstitut voor Drinkwatervoorzeining (RID), and the Rijksinstitut voor Volgsgesondheid en Milieuhygienie (RIVM), The Netherlands, 1978 1984. Projects included:

  • Water resources development and supply for the Province of South Holland.
  • Groundwater management strategies and methods.
  • Soil pollution and cleanup strategies.
  • Acid rain.
  • Development and protection of water resources.

To TAHAL Water Planning for Israel, Ltd., 1979 1983.

  • Computer applications.
  • Water resources systems engineering.

To UNIES Ltd., Winnipeg, Canada (1970-1975). Projects included:

  • Development plans for the water supply system of Vancouver, British Columbia, to serve a projected population of over one million people, including a hydrologic study to determine the potential of surface and ground sources.
  • Capacity development plans for the power system of Manitoba Hydro.
  • Dual objective operation of a two river system, to supply the City of Seattle, Washington.
  • Urban hydrology plan for Vancouver, British Columbia.
  • Water distribution systems analysis for Minneapolis, Minnesota.
  • Hydrologic study of the pipeline route along the McKenzie Valley.
  • Multiobjective management of lands and lakes, Cooking Lake Morraine area, Edmonton, Alberta.

Other projects:

  • To the Balasha Yalon, Haifa, Israel, on water distribution system analysis for the City of Arusha, 1973-1974.
  • To Systems Control, Inc., Palo Alto, California, on the development of a general computer program for water distribution system analysis and simulation (WATSIM), for the U.S. Office of Water Resources Research, 1972-1973.
  • Staff Consultant at Underwood McLellan and Associates, Canada. Project Engineer on a study of the water distribution system of the City of Calgary, Alberta, 1969.
  • To Charles A. Maguire and Associates, Boston, Massachusetts, on the use of computers in hydraulics, especially for the analysis of water distribution systems. Investigation of the water supply system for the City of Boston, 1966-1967.